May 25, 2023

Business-Driven Data Warehouse: Introducing Ellie and WhereScape Integration

Product Design
Stan Dmitriev
Head of Prototype Team,

Exciting news! and WhereScape have come together to launch a dynamic integration that sets a new standard for business-driven data warehousing. We're beyond thrilled to announce this partnership, and we've put together an in-depth video to showcase just how this powerful integration works, from capturing the business needs to transform them into technical implementation and executing them in Snowflake.

Our joint video features Simon Spring from WhereScape and Juha Korpela from discussing and demonstrating the process of leveraging our joint integration. The crux of the integration lies in's capacity to create an insightful and comprehensive business design, which is then pulled by Wherescape to carry out the actual development work.

As shown in the video, we begin by designing data products in based on real business information and collaborating with business experts along the way. The video highlights a data model in from a business perspective and showcases how WhereScape utilizes this blueprint to ensure the data warehouse is built around concepts and structures that the business understands.

The next part of the demonstration features the transition to WhereScape 3D. With a few clicks, we import the model directly from and enrich it, tagging the model so that different tags can be used for generating different concepts in the physical model. A key part of this integration is its simplicity - you can effortlessly generate the Data Vault, loading and staging models, and all the code needed to build and deploy, all within Wherescape 3D.

Once the data warehouse is deployed on Snowflake, the final step involves generating comprehensive documentation that gives a complete overview of the entire process from start to end. This documentation includes everything from the raw vault in Snowflake to the fully up-to-date Python code, providing a full technical spec and a clear understanding of business definitions.

This integration is designed to offer users an efficient and effective way of managing their data warehousing needs. If this has piqued your interest and you'd like to explore more, we invite you to watch the full demonstration on our Youtube video:

We're confident you'll find this integration as exciting and powerful as we do!

Reach out to our team, if you’d like to give it a go!