Data Governance & Catalogs

Rules, policies & ownership of data need to be agreed upon when working on data governance initiatives.

This is immensely difficult to do on a technical level.

With Ellie, you can focus on business entities and structures to drive the implementation and adoption of data governance initiatives.
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Definitions That Reflect the Real World

Identify & Define Your Core Data Entities in a Way That Matters

Ellie provides you a framework to drive conversations across your organization in a way that is understood by business and domain experts.

This enables data teams to identify core "entities" within business domains and the data that's available with ease.

Data teams can cut through the clutter of data engineering and source system definitions to run data governance initiatives that everyone understands.


Map Business Relationship Effectively

Map Your Data Assets, Spread Company-Wide Awareness

"A picture is worth a thousand words." It's a cliche that works incredibly well when mapping data assets.

Use Ellie to create a visual representation of what data your business domains or departments create and how these relate to each other in practice.

As a result, understanding data becomes much easier for everyone, especially business experts. This makes data governance discussions easier, speeding up governance initatives.


Gain High-Level Visibility

Focus on Content, Not on Technology to Govern Data

Technical details—source system-level definitions, technical metadata, etc.—can distract data teams when trying to understand the fundamentals of your organization and how it should operate in terms of data.

Use Ellie to focus on fundamental data points and drill down to critical business-focussed data entities.

This enables data teams to implement universal governance initiatives without having to adjust to technical limitations that skew business data.


People-Friendly Data Catalogs

Avoid Drowning in Details, Ensure Data Catalogs are Used

Ellie gives data consumers access to the business context.

What does this mean? Your domain expert or business head can easily understand how their processes and data structures relate to each other in the real world.

Your data consumers can now get familiar with data operations without having to drown in confusing technical metadata.

Ellie works seamlessly with the likes of Microsoft Purview or Collibra, supporting both business teams and data governance.

Ellie makes complex data modeling simple

Never before have IT and Business stakeholders collaborated in such an effective way. Forget about legacy data modeling tools and embrace the future of business-driven data modeling.

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