Data Mesh

Data Mesh is centered around business-oriented data products that cover the data supply chain in a specific domain.

This is a change from the single, monolithic data lake or a data warehouse.

Ellie improves the "data mesh" design by enabling data teams to quickly identify core business entities within a domain.

In addition, cross-domain communication is much easier through the use of a shared glossary that focuses on real-world definitions.
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Identify Valued Data Initiatives

Design Data Products with Clear Business Value

Your data products should be technology-agnostic, covering all possible needs with necessary integration interfaces.

Therefore, designing products based on business-focused data modeling is necessary for an effective "data mesh".

You can use Ellie to identify real-world business entities and understand how they relate to each other.


Centralized Shared Glossary

Connect Domains Using a Shared Glossary Across the Data Mesh

Ellie’s "Business Glossary" is your centralized repository of all important business entities used in your models.

Every entity ever added into Ellie becomes an entry in the glossary, tying together the different use cases and viewpoints you have across different models.

This enables you to see how different models—each representing a real-world business process—are linked to each other through the entities that make up the models.


Cross-Domain Collaboration

Sharing Domain Data is Now
as Easy as Sharing a Link

A data mesh helps to optimize individual domains. But, this could make it difficult to integrate information between multiple domains.

Sharing data isn’t the problem here, it’s sharing the business context—the contextual metadata—that's the challenge.

Use Ellie to tackle this knowledge gap, make cross-domain knowledge sharing as easy as sharing a link.

All your data structures are stored in a single platform-agnostic web tool. You can dive into the model with ease, making it easy to find what you need, no matter which part of the mesh you're in.


Keep Your Mesh Domain Agnostic

Stay Connected Across the Mesh, No Matter Your Data Stack

Ellie gives data consumers access to business context, which provides easily-understandable information on how business and data structures relate to each other in the real world.

This makes it easier for your data consumers to get familiar with your data operations, without having to drown in rows of confusing technical metadata.

You can also use your data mesh design on other platforms via:
- CSV Export & Import (JSON format)
- Glossary API
- Model API

Ellie makes complex data modeling simple

Never before have IT and Business stakeholders collaborated in such an effective way. Forget about legacy data modeling tools and embrace the future of business-driven data modeling.

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