January 26, 2023
3 minutes

Ellie Version 4.5 - Okta User Management

Juha Korpela
Chief Product Officer, Ellie.ai

A new Ellie version is out now! We have released version 4.5, and the update has been automatically applied to everyone. Read on to find out what’s new!

New feature: Okta user management

Okta user management is a new option for managing Ellie users. By default, Ellie has user accounts based on email addresses and passwords. Since Ellie v3.8, we’ve had the capability to utilize user groups defined in Azure Active Directory, if your organization has been using that as a general user management platform. From now on, we’re also able to connect Ellie with Okta’s platform.

If your organization is using Okta for user management, you can opt-in to utilize Okta with your Ellie. This will enable Single Sign-On (SSO) experience for your users - but by default, Ellie is still using the email-password combinations.

How it works

In simple terms, the way Okta user management works with Ellie is very similar to how Azure Active Directory works. A connection between the platform and Ellie is configured, and user groups are created within Okta that map to Ellie’s user roles (Admin, Write, Read). When a person is logging in with their Okta account, Ellie checks their membership in these roles, setting them up with the correct access level.

Ellie is also going to be registered at Okta’s own application catalog, the OIN. As of our release date, this process was still ongoing on Okta’s side. The solution can be implemented already, but OIN registration will simply make the implementation easier. We will update our guidance accordingly when the OIN process is completed.

Email-password accounts become unnecessary when using Okta. However, your local Ellie admins can still decide to use some of these accounts for e.g. temporary consultants or other users who might not be registered in Okta.

How to use Okta for Ellie

If you’re an Okta user and you would like to apply this user management solution with Ellie, please contact us at support@ellie.ai and we’ll send you more detailed instructions on how this is done!